Communication, Confidence, Character

Speech and Language intervention services with a focus on building confidence through effective communication.

Specialty Areas:

Speech Production Skills: articulation and phonology, voice therapy, fluency training for stuttering

Language Skills: expressive and receptive language including: grammar, sentence structure, thought organization, listening comprehension

Social Language Skills: nonverbal language, conversational skills, problem solving, predicting outcomes

Written Language Skills:  sentence - paragraph editing, punctuation, organization, spelling

I am a licensed, board certified Speech Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience.  My joy is in helping individuals find their voice.  Effective communication has been proven to build self-esteem and allows for greater success in school and in life!

Please contact me for further information or if you would like to schedule a free phone consultation.

Liz Negrelli  M.A.ccc-SLP

Florida and Ohio board certified Speech Language Pathologist  (440) 759-4746


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